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    OEM Adaption - iPod iPhone USB Steuerungen und Adaptionen an Original OEM und Nachrüstgeräte.

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    About Dension

    Dension Audio Systems are one of the world's leading manufacturers of connected car entertainment systems. Like you, we want to be able to access our music and video files wherever we go. We also want an easy to operate, 'invisible' solution that uses our car's original equipment.

    We've made it our personal mission to enable you to take virtually any electronic device - from a simple, 2G USB pen drive to a 32GB iPod Touch - and integrate it into your car's existing entertainment system without making any changes to your dashboard. We offer a simple solution for almost any vehicle or radio.

    With our growing range of accessories, you can also extend the capabilities of your system as far as your imagination will take you... and yes, we like a challenge! We also love music, so whatever you listen to and whatever it's on, Dension will make sure you can see and hear it with the highest possible sound quality and data transmission.

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